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Our Purpose

We exist to promote healing, positive cultural identity, holistic wellness and connection among intergenerational Indigenous women and our families by sharing our collective wisdom, traditions, wellness practices and stories.


We focus on healing by reclaiming our cultural heritages through sewing, beading, sharing circles, ceremonies and working together to create culturally significant clothing for use in traditional ceremonies, pow wows and community gatherings. 

Our Mission

We draw strength from our bonds of community, kinship and profound connection to our ancestral traditions, which provides a sense of belonging and resilience.


We gain empowerment through preserving and sharing our collective cultural knowledge, ensuring our heritage lives on for future generations.


Maintaining our tribal identities and practicing cultural traditions is therapeutic and positively impacts our wellness. 


Indigenous Women Matter

Indigenous women are the guardians of heritage, champions of equality and the voices that shape our shared future.  We are carriers of ancient wisdom and agents of change, contributing to the rich tapestry of humanity.


We  honor resilience, promote well-being and encourage the ending of the injustice toward Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) by acknowledging our significance and supporting  empowerment, thereby paving the way for a more just, inclusive and harmonious world where Indigenous Women's contributions are celebrated and our safety is ensured for generations to come.

Honoring the Matriarch by teaching and modeling her wisdom

Our Objectives

  • Promote Positive Cultural Identity

  • Foster Holistic Well-Being

  • Cultivate Healing

  • Facilitate Cultural Revitalization.

  • Strengthen intergenerational Relationships

  • Build Partnerships and Coalitions


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