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Art of Healing Fashion Show 2023

Photos by

Lauren Deerfoot | Deerfoot Photography



Healing Ribbons' "Art of Healing: Stories, Stitches, and the Sacred'' (AOH) is a family-centric program aimed at intergenerational Indigenous women, their children, and our two-spirited and LGBTQIA2S+ relatives impacted by intergenerational trauma. This year-long initiative offers integrated activities, including talking circles, wellness practices, and ceremonies, all while sharing fellowship meals.

Led by Culture Bearers and their apprentices, the program teaches regalia-making and accessory crafting, reflecting individual and collective healing processes. AOH provides the necessary supplies and support for participants to craft regalia that narrates their healing journey through their design choices such as color, pattern, style, and symbol choices.

Participants unveil their creations at a fashion show, explaining the significance of their regalia, followed by a community round dance where they wear their pieces to dance in the arena, continuing their healing journey through traditional dance. This experience fosters skill development, confidence, and a deeper connection to Indigenous craftsmanship. By blending personal narratives with communal connections and cultural wisdom, the program champions healing, empowerment, and cultural pride.

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