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About Ribbon Skirts

We feel that the ribbon skirt embodies much of what we want to create as an organization that empowers Native American matriarchs and their families, on their journey to heal from historical trauma, and intergenerational trauma through cultural reclamation and the idea that we are medicine.

Our First Project

Historically, Native American cultures have recognized and honored the important roles that women play as caretakers, leaders, and decision-makers within their communities. Traditional Native American societies were often matrilineal, meaning that descent and inheritance were traced through the mother's side of the family, and women played important roles in decision-making and governance. The ribbon skirt has become a powerful reminder of the traditional and important role of women in many tribal societies, the ribbon skirt is a visual representation that helps women reclaim our power. 


By practicing our cultural traditions, and coming together to share our knowledge, our stories in our experiences, we can heal as a community.  The ribbon embodies everything that the ribbon skirt encompasses, and the healing aspect is using our culture to heal from trauma.


Our Mission

Where We Draw Strength

The ribbon skirt is a traditional garment that holds great spiritual, cultural and symbolic significance. Creating and wearing a ribbon skirt is a way for Native American women to express our cultural identity and share our heritage and cultural pride with others. It also serves as a way to reclaim our cultural traditions and assert our resilience and presence in modern society. It is a symbol of strength, resilience, and perseverance in the face of historical trauma and ongoing challenges. 


Respect and Honor

In many Indigenous cultures, ribbon skirts are worn during important ceremonies, such as powwows, and are considered to be a symbol of respect and honor. The act of creating the skirt can also be a spiritual experience, as it allows the woman to connect with her ancestors and honor their traditions.

The ribbon designs on the skirt are often meaningful and can convey a range of messages, such as the importance of family, kinship, or the strength of tribal unity. The colors and patterns used in the designs may vary depending on the tribal traditions and personal preferences of the wearer.

Resistance and Activism

In recent years, the ribbon skirt has also become a powerful symbol of resistance and activism for Indigenous women. It has been worn as a statement of solidarity with other Indigenous communities, as well as a way to raise awareness about issues such as missing and murdered Indigenous women, environmental justice, and Indigenous rights.

The skirt is also a way for Indigenous women to express our individuality and creativity, while also honoring our cultural traditions. The ribbon skirt represents a connection to our culture, our ancestors, and the natural world. The ribbon skirt is a deeply meaningful and significant garment for Native American women, embodying our cultural heritage, personal identity, and ongoing struggle for justice and equality. 


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